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5 Killer Web Strategies

May 1, 2007

Justin Kitch, CEO of Menlo Park, Calif.-based Homestead Technologies Inc., advises small and growing businesses on the influence of the Web. If you don't have a company Web site, Kitch says, you're among the 30% of small businesses that don't (and he doesn't think you'll survive much longer).

You're also out of luck if you don't know how to update your Web site. Here are some indications that your Web strategy is killing your business:

  1. Fewer than half your customers come to your business online.
    New customers aren't going to find you through the Yellow Pages.

  2. Your Web site is geared only toward new customers.
    A dynamic Web site keeps customers coming back and builds loyalty among older customers.

  3. Your Web site is geared only toward customers.
    A good Web site makes business processes simpler for buyers, suppliers and partners, not just for customers.

  4. Your Web site is your entire Internet strategy.
    Small and midsized companies have to get involved in lead generation technologies, blogs, user groups and so on.

  5. You think that small companies are at a disadvantage.
    An online presence helps small businesses create that big company presence with a personalized touch.